The Tea Trolley

Welcome to your website for #thebreakfastclub We have all the latest news on the BC Team and Events and as a member of #thebreakfastclub you’ll have access to exclusive blogs, vlogs and interviews here.

Regular visitors to #thebreakfastclub on Twitter will know we like to start our day gathered round the virtual #teatrolley with a mug of motivation – a cup of confidence – oh yes and a hug in a mug!  Brightening up the mornings with conversation and a place to start your day with positivity. Dinah and Jayne met on Twitter and are an example of how a few regular shared tweets can lead to life long friendship and yes business too.  #thebreakfastclub is all about you!

So our moto is ‘Let’s do Breakfast, Let’s do Buddies, Let’s do Business’ as we  both firmly believe that when we build relationships and know and like each other we’ll make all sorts of positive things happen!

We are now a team of #TrolleyDollies which serves up a hug in a mug.  Do meet Lisa and Liz, the other members of #thebreakfastclub crew.

Thank you for joining us and making #thebreakfastclub such a positive place to be – we look forward to seeing you at #theteatrolley soon.

Jayne and Dinah x is proud to support the work of the British Hen Welfare Trust